Oops. Walker’s Plan To Eliminate Same-Day Voter Registration Opposed By Wisconsin Poll Workers

You knew this was coming. Every poll worker I’ve spoken to was either offended by Scooter’s comments, thought he was full of BS or both.

Nice job.


Wisconsin Bankers Association: Ruin a credit union member-owner’s day.

I was actually out in DC when someone told me what was on the Wisconsin Bankers Association home page. 

You have to excuse them – the bullshit artists over there don’t understand the difference between a member-owned credit union and a for-profit bank. Had they known the difference they would have known they were not taking a shot at the people who manage the credit union but the owners. In essence they were saying, “Ruin a Credit Union Member-Owner’s Day – tell your legislator that credit unions ought not be lending to businesses. That’s OUR job.”

Used to be the Wisconsin Bankers Association was a little more discreet in their end game. 

“We’re finally in charge.”

The last thing I expected as I sided up to the bar at The Monocle, kind of a legendary spot in DC, was to have an after dinner drink to “Dazed and Confused” and “Simple Man.”

I paid up and mentioned to Dave, the silver-haired bar keep, that the dinner was fabulous. The Zepplin and Skynard was a bonus. He smiles and says, “We’re in charge now. We’re The Establishment.”

Rock on, Dave. Rock on.

A letter from Tracy

I don’t usually share viral posts. But this one kind of hits home. I don’t know who Tracy is. I’ve never met her. But she’s a smart women and one who speaks for many in this country. Including me.


“This is not my nation any more. This is not my America!” they say.
Don’t laugh- they’re probably right.
Because if you believe that America in the 21st century should function under the same assumptions and with the same values as America in the 18th century- then no, this actually isn’t your America any more.

If you believe that “Freedom of religion” means that you have the right to make decisions about health care, family planning, equal rights, evolution and education for people who do not share your religion- you’re in the wrong place.

If you believe that black people vote for a black man only because of race but white people never vote for a white guy because of his race… if you believe that a 90 year old veteran who has been voting for 50 years should be denied a ballot because he no longer has a driver’s license… then it’s not your America any more.

If you believe that bullying and abuse is ok as long as you do it for Jesus, and that kids are better off in orphanages than with gay parents and that rape shouldn’t be an ‘excuse’ for an abortion because some girls rape easy… this is not your America. If you believe that the working poor, pensioners and veterans in America just want ‘free stuff’ but the wealthy demand their personal income tax cuts for the good of the nation- no, this is not your America.

If you think you have the right to say who other people can love, this isn’t that place.

And if you believe that it’s not possible for your candidate to lose an election unless the “urban” people cheated…by voting… that an acceptable way to win is to try to stop as many people as possible from voting, that “bipartisan’ means that all the wrong people are supposed to do things your way and that the "United” part of “United States of America” only applies when your party is running the show… then you don’t understand what America is.

It’s not a country where you can just ‘opt out’ when things don’t go your way, and where a bunch of people whining that they want to leave will make us turn our backs on our principles. It’s not a place where beginning a sentence with “I’m not a racist’ makes it ok to call the President a ni**er. It’s not a country where a rich, privileged old man can attack a young woman’s character in vicious and almost pornographic simply because he disagrees with her politics and not suffer consequences. It’s not a place where we believe that a helping hand in the middle of a natural disaster should come with a pricetag.

It’s not a nation where we think it’s ok for poor people to die from treatable diseases because millionaire CEO’s don’t want to cut into their profits.

And thankfully, it’s not a nation where bitter, obscenely wealthy men can buy themselves an election.

You folks are the same people who yell "America- love it or leave it” at us every time we try to fix what’s broken around here. now, it seems like you don’t love it enough to stick around and work together. Well, we’re not trying to run you out, but you are certainly free to go. Of course you don’t get to take your state with you- sorry, but that ‘Constitution’ thing you’re always going on about says the states stay together. And you don’t get the flag you’re always waving; that belongs to America. But you can leave, if that’s really what you want.

The border is that-a-way.

– Tracy