Mother Jones has new, old video of Mitt Romney.

“..harvest them at a significant profit.” Good lord …


Innovation is born here. Just don’t make us do math.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is the brain-child of Scott Walker and that cadre of Republicans that think privatization of government is the way to go. How’s that working out?

This clusterf(*&%^ck of an organization appears to be headed towards a world of hurt unless someone can explain why they hand out money to business like candy on Holloween, will spend nearly $14 million more than they’ll take in this year and don’t understand the idea of civil rights.

Their Executive Director is no dummy and sees the storm clouds forming, leaving none other than math-whiz DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch to handle keeping everyone on the board of directors informed on what’s going on.  Sidenote: Clearly, the Mrs. handles the money in the Huebsch family. $7.5 million in damages to the Capitol were really around $250,000. And now, no one knows where $10 million went at WEDC. The Department of Administration is responsible for WEDC and I see a pattern here.

Maybe Mr. Huebsch should spend a little less time with “Wyatt Earp” Irwin and more time with the flash cards.

Thursday night …

… go to a movie. Go to a show. Go out to eat with your buds, your boyfriend, girlfriend or George Dreckmann.  Do anything or go anywhere. Just don’t watch NFL Football.  Don’t watch it until the team owners get their collective heads out of their asses and pay up.  They’re hung up on $3M the Refs want for retirement. Jerry Jones craps that much in Poppa John’s pizza change. Oh, and Goodell? He’s a pimp for the owners. He does NOTHING without their blessing. So ease up on that gutless little turd and aim your fury at The Owners. 

There’s no excuse for this. But it will continue if we, the fans, continue to tune in to the car wreck that some call America’s Game.