Paul Ryan’s speech in 3 words | Fox News


I watched the speech and I stopped counting the number of lies half-way through. Apparently, Fox News was watching the speech, too.

I’m going now to find my skates. Hell has officially frozen over.


I’ve been thinking about my youth a lot over the last few weeks.  And I find myself doing it again this morning.  Sitting in front of the TV for hours watching space launches, devouring book after book on astronauts and buidling my own Gemini space capsule in the basement.

Sitting here wondering: How many young boys and girls did Neil Armstrong inspire?  How many lives did Neil Armstrong shape? How can Neil Armstrong taking the first human step on the Moon not be considered the single most important and inspiring event in human history? Will America ever stun the world with such monumental technological and pioneering achievement again?

There’ll be lots of storys told about Neil Armstrong over the next few days.  Pay attention. Grab a young person – get them out of the basement and away from the video games – sit them down and – pay attention.  This is how you get it done.  This is why America is the greatest nation the world.