Ichiro Hit His First Home Run As A Yankee, And John Sterling’s Call Embarrassed Everyone

I didn’t think the worst play-by-play combo in the country could get any worse. I was wrong.


Remember Bank Simple?

Now it’s simply — “Simple”

Here’s an email I just received:


Awhile back on August 04, 2010 you signed up for an invite to try Simple, a new way to save and spend. We know you’ve been waiting to replace your bank, and today we’re pleased to invite you to do just that!

Click this link to apply – https://www.simple.com/welcome/0732bf1a-c60d-4cba-b7bb-a5c8c4134cc4 You’ll be one of our very first customers–here’s what you get today to replace your bank:
• Shiny new Simple Visa® Card
• Gorgeous iPhone app
• Automatic transaction categorization for quick searching
• Easy payments and access to the largest no-fee ATM network, Allpoint®

Here’s what’s in the pipeline:
• Android: click the link above and fill out your info through the “device” step. We’ll reinvite you as soon as it’s ready!
• Joint accounts: Sign up with Simple now and add your partner when we’re ready!
• Mobile check deposit: Coming soon–sign up now and you’ll have it as soon as it’s ready!
• So much more! We know you’ll love Simple-we can’t wait to share it with you.

The Team at Simple
Banking Services provided by The Bancorp Bank. The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC.
The Simple Visa Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa
U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Whether or not people flock to Simple remains to be seen. But you can’t doubt they’re on to something. Simple, Square – even PayPal – are driving the revolution in delivering financial services to a nano-tech friendly consumer. 

The Wisconsin U.S. Senate Republican Primary Circus

What a cadre of clowns. 

Jeff “The Lesser” Fitzgerald is really doing this to raise his profile on K Street and at lobby firms everywhere. Jeff – everyone knows you want to be a lobbyist and I can think of no other job that suits you better. 

Mark Neumann is freakier than ever. Seriously – a gram of coke for a pigeon? He’ll be heading up some neo-con organization soon with frequent appearances on Fox.

Tommy might have been able to recover from those creepy and abominable TV ads featuring him in his leathers. But he’ll not be able to recover from hosting a rally with everyone’s favorite bat-shit crazy NRA apologist and Secret Service target, Terrible Ted Nugent.

That leaves Eric “I’m too busy to vote” Hovde. You know – the guy who wishes the press would write about something other than poor people or those who can’t find a job? He’ll be the Republican nominee come August 15.  

Until then, enjoy the show.  It’s only going to get better. 

Tommy’s a big fan of The Nuge …

If you’ve seen the creepy Tommy Thompson TV ad featuring Tommy in his leathers, this will come as no surprise. The MotorCity Madman will appear at a Tommy Thompson rally. Maybe he will encourage Republicans to cut the heads off Democrats or says something that will cause the Secret Service to come a’callin’ again.  

You can’t make this stuff up.