Why I Support Unions

I am somewhat certain that you will never see a picture of Scott Walker (or anyone of his ilk) strategizing with a $40,000 a year teacher.  Or a public works employee.  Or a police officer. Or a firefighter. Or a state administrative assistant, nurse, game warden or prison guard.

You’ll never see this picture because they don’t have “access.”  They don’t have the ability to write a personal check for $500,000.  

I’m not a lock-step, blinded-by-the-light supporter of unions. But right now, they are the only thing standing between the Scott Walkers, Diane Hendricks and David Kochs of the world. Divide the unions and you conquer the working middle-class. It’s that simple. Oh, you’ll still have teachers, street workers, police officers, firefighters, nurses, game wardens and prison guards. But they’ll all – ALL – be privatized employees of companies run by people writing $500,000 campaign donations to politicians like Scott Walker. 

Personally – that scares the hell out of me. It should scare the hell out of you.