Cabela’s — and the Green Bay Packers — plan to build on site with wetlands

You remember this  from a year or so ago – word leaked out that Bass Pro Shops was going to build on a wetlands near Lambeau and an environmental shit-storm ensued.  BPS backed out and things quieted down. Now we learn not only is Cabela’s going to build on the site, but the Green Bay Packers are going to expand their entertainment venue into that space, too. Environmentalists are going to go nuts.

The developer back when Bass Pro Shops was going in was John Bergstrom, a heavy duty donator to Scott Walker. The DNR Regs didn’t allow for development in wetlands so Scooter, Suder and the rest of the now famous love-it-or-leave it Republican caucus simply changed the rules. They wrote some new legislation and cramed it through apparently to satisfy the needs of an important Scott Walker supporter.  That’s called “pay to play” and it’s supposedly illegal in Wisconsin.

Who is the developer that is handling this new project for the Green Bay Packers and Cabela’s? Has anything changed?  One would think this is the real issue.