Where are Senators Kohl and Johnson?

Credit unions are waiting to infuse the economy with $10B in loans to small business. That’s $10 billion that won’t cost the American taxpayer a single penny. A bill in the Senate that would allow more credit unions to help small business is waiting to be scheduled for a vote.

So, where are Wisconsin’s Senators?  It would appear that they’re wringing their hands trying to figure out whether to help small business or piss-off the bankers. To date, neither Senator Ron Johnson or Herb Kohl have signed on to support s. 2231, the Credit Union Small Business Jobs bill.

Please take a couple minutes, send our Senators a quick note and help them decide.  Then share with your fiends/families and maybe a business or two you know who may have been turned down for a loan at a bank. Better yet, share with a business you know who has been helped by a credit union.