Ted Nugent – role model. Entertainer.

Not only is The Motorcity Madman a helluva sportsman, but he’s also role model for NRA members members nation-wide.  Note I didnt say kids.  

The Nuge’s attorney, Wayne Anthony Ross, says, “It’s kind of embarrassing for him….he practices ethical hunting and gets caught up in a crazy law none of us have heard about.” You idiot – you’re not only Ted’s lawyer but you’re an Alaskan guide, for crissakes.  You should be shackled up, too.

Here’s the deal: beware of anyone with three names – particularly crazy criminals and lawyers. Second of all, it’s not anyone’s fault but Ted’s for not knowing the regulations. It’s a simple regulation – if you have one tag you shoot one animal – dead or wounded. 

All of you – Ted, Wayne Anthony Ross, the NRA – quit taking everything so seriously. Do what you do best. Just be the enterainting, bombastic, court-jesters we’ve all come to love you for.