A special session on mining? Bring it on.

The chest-puffing, sky-is-falling mining rhetoric isn’t going to stop now that the mining bill is dead. The head of Gogebic says it’s over and they’re going home. Jeff Fitzgerald rips into Dale Schultz and others for siding with environmentalists. And the Wisconsin Mining Association rep says Wisconsin needs to kowtow to Gogebic’s wishes or they’ll leave.  

Here’s the deal – compromise isn’t in the vocabulary of any of these people. It’s been a “our way only” mentality from the majority all the way up to the Governor’s office since November 2011. Fortunately for Wisconsin, one Republican has seen the bullshit for the trees and has forced compromise on a group of zealots. Wisconsin doesn’t want to hear any whining from these people today. They had a chance to pass the Schultz/Jauch bipartisan compromise mining bill. Instead, they took their ball and went home. Now the Governor’s “spokesman with immunity” says the Governor might call a special session on mining. One can only imagine the political favors for votes that will be offered over the next few days.

Hold strong, Senator Schultz. A whole bunch of Badgers have your back.