John Mathews’ Rush Limbaugh Moment

John Mathews called Mary Burke, candidate for Madison School Board, a “…one percenter” who doesn’t know “…what it’s like for a child to go to bed or to school hungry.” Burke, a democrat who served in the Doyle Administration is childless. And apparently John Mathews has a problem with Mary Burke being childless and being on the Madison School Board.

The vile and contemptable comments from John Mathews are no different from those of late from Rush Limbaugh.  In fact one could argue they might even be worse. Worse because most sane people know what Rush is all about.  But we expect more from John Mathews because he’s been part of our community for years. He’s one of us. I think that’s why his stupid and irresponsible comments directed towards Mary Burke are so disappointing. John Mathews should know better. And if those he represents – Madison’s teachers – don’t step up and condemn John Mathews’ comments and set the record straight – well then, they’re no better that John Mathews.  

John Mathews is a fossil. His time has passed. He served Madison Teachers well over the years but that doesn’t buy a pass for crap like this.  Apologize to Mary Burke, John.  And then retire. 

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