Top Realtor attended redistricting meeting after all – JSOnline

Well, everyone’s memory is getting a little better now. Mike Theo, President of the Wisconsin Realtors Association WAS present at the January meeting to discuss the Republican plans on redistricting.

Now that Jim Troupis, Joe Murray and Mike Theo have gotten their selective memory back, will someone ask Big Fitz why the WRA and the Wisconsin Bankers Association should be involved in the State Senate and Assembly Redistricting process? 

Most importantly – why can’t the Democratic caucus even get a look at how the maps were drawn?

You can’t make this stuff up.

JSOnline’s “Seasons of Greatness”

I’m sorry. This one at #4 is just crazy. Eric Heiden? With all respect, his work at the ‘80 Olympics was indeed legendary. But read D’Amato’s piece on Favre’s ’96 season. And then tell me why, after over 30 years of football futility, Brett Favre putting together a season for the ages and leading the Packers to a Super Bowl win is not worthy of #1. 

Oh. And one could also argue THIS wouldn’t even have happened had a free-agent from Philly not decided Green Bay was cool.

Leaders of Realtors did not attend redistricting meeting, official says – JSOnline

Sooo … The Wisconsin Realtors Association wasn’t there. But the Wisconsin Bankers Association was.


For crissakes … will someone ask WHY the Wisconsin Realtors Association was invited and WHY the Wisconsin Bankers Association was there? Anyone?

Please Stop Making More Pinterests

My job requires that I give all social media a fair shake – determine its worth or worthlessness to my cooperative’s application. That said, I must be honest and admit my first reaction to Pinterest was a long, hearty yawn. As noted in the priceless (some of them) comments after this post, it must be because I have a penis.