The most important person in politics?

Who knows – we might have finally found somone with the balls to expose the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision for the deeply flawed, anti-American fiasco it is.


1 + 0 = … wait … what?

The Wisconsin Realtors Association endorsed a candidate for Governor in a recall election before a recall election was in fact a reality. And, the Wisconsin Realtors Association endorsed a candidate for Governor in a recall election before any gubenatorial opponents were a reality.

This from Mike Theo, President, of the Wisconsin Realtors Association: “I realize the recall process is anything but normal, but we reviewd the record and looked at the field and, based on real estate issues, decided no other information was necessary.”

You looked at the field? The dictionary defines “the field” as “…all the contestants or numbers that are grouped together as one.”  Respectfully, Mr. Theo, feel free to remove your shoes should you need more digits to count “the field” but consider waiting until the field is greater than one so you don’t look like a rube.

Attention Steve Nass

Posted from: WI, USAI’m at Madison Magazine’s “Best of Madison” Business Awards. Two of the four winners are thriving here and nationally in big part because of research done at the University of Wisconsin. One is on the cusp of a screening for colon cancer. The other is leading the nation in alternative fuels research.

Rep. Nass – what have you done lately?

Dear Walker Recall Supporters:

The best way to lose this thing is to allow and facilitate what happened during the Governor’s State of the State address.  I’m no Walker fan but the Office of the Governor deserves a certain amount of respect and decorum.  The chambers were not open for a debate. It was the State of the State, a time afforded to the person sitting the Governor’s office. It’s often a campaign speech but that doesn’t matter. Those of you who interrupted the Governor’s speech:  You made a fool of yourselves. I feel certain it wasn’t the first time and surely won’t be the last. There’s a fine line between dissent and rudeness. Last night you crossed the line. It was embarrassing. But more importantly, you gave Walker supporters who are second guessing their vote – waffling on their support of Walker, if you will – a reason to stay right where they are.  

Oh, by the way – the same goes for legislators who turn their office windows into defacto billboards on The Square.

Stephen Nass

It’s clear now that everyone – including the University of Wisconsin – handled the Chadima situation correctly.  In fact, everyone, including the victim, appear to have done everything they possibly could to make sure the issue was handled expeditiously and professionally. 

That said, Rep. Stephen Nass can climb back into the hole from which he came.