Happy New Year!

PPenn and I are taking the boys to Tucson for a week of family time – to recharge and regroup after one of the toughest holidays in memory. We … can’t … wait!  

Our best to all our friends and family. Thanks for being there when it counted most and good fortune to you all in 2012. 


Note to Scott Walker …

It’s time to get some new advisors. It’s starting to get embarrassing. You lift the caps on the state safety net for the differently-abled and the elderly, make it look like you did it because – damn it – it’s the right thing to do – and just about dislocate a shoulder patting yourself on the back. Either your advisors thought the letter from the Feds ordering you to lift the caps would not make the light of day, they’re as arrogant as you, or they’re dumb. Any way you cut it, you best get some thinkers on the team. Before it’s too late.

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Michael Best and Friedrich. The best legal counsel money can buy.

The GOP majority in Wisconsin meant that the new legislative district maps drawn up every 10 years were going to be a hot topic. In the past, because power was split between the Democrats and the Republcians and they couldn’t agree on what time it was, a judge had to do the work. This time, with Republicans in control across the board, Baby Fitz, Big Fitz and a host of other Republican lawmakers with too much time on their hands got their Number 2 pencils out and took care of things themselves. A group of citizens saw it coming and filed suit in federal court and, little by little, we’re seeing how stuff gets done in the Capitol these days.

Interestingly, every Republican on record has said the new maps they drew up in no way were meant to give Republicans an advantage in future elections. Of course not. That’s why they shared the maps with the Republican National Committee before GOP lawmakers submitted them for approval. How dumb do they think we are?  Even better is learning today the advice to share them with the RNC came from the GOP lawmaker’s legal counsel – Michael Best and Friedrich.  Not only is Michael Best and Friedrich supplying Supreme Court Justices with free legal services but they’re also on call to GOP lawmakers and advising them to lie. 

Is this a great country or what?

More on the Gableman/ Michael Best & Friedrich Stench

Read Dave Zweifel’s take on the stinking pile of rot eminating from a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Michael Gableman stole the Supreme Court election with lies paid for by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. He was accused of campaign ethics violations and was defended by a cadre of like-minded pettifoggers– the esquires at Michael Best and Friedrich.

Mr. Zweifel states if Gableman had any scruples, he’d resign.  Gableman doesn’t – so he won’t. He’ll go on abusing his seat on the Supreme Court.  How much more of this crap are we going to take?

Either a liar or dumb as a rock.

Scott Walker now says “…I could have sold my agenda better…” that he’s “…made mistakes in how he’s gone about achieving his agenda.”

Governor, enough people to fill Miller Park and Lambeau Field were telling you to slow down and take a more compromising tone starting the day after your election and continuing through that fiasco in Wisconsin’s Capitol in January and February.  Hell … even Tommy Thompson tried to talk you and the Fitzgerald clan off your high horses. You hung up on him. And didn’t return his calls. 

I don’t think you’re dumb as a rock. Therefore, I think you’re a liar. You may be sorry but for all the wrong things. Including the fact you may very well get kicked out of office before you’re first term is even up. The truly sorry thing about this is you’ll land on your feet no matter what happens. You win the recall and you’re a political star in the Republican Party. You lose and you’re a martyr. 

You can’t make this stuff up. 

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An ethics investigation assumes that you have some.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman allegedly took advantage of free legal services from Michael Best and Friedrich and then went ahead and ruled on cases in which parties were represented by them. Not only that – he cast the deciding votes. Rep. Gary Hebl has called for an ethics investigation into the allegations. 

Worse than the allegations against Gableman and other public figures who act as if they’re above it all and take advantage of their position is their belief that they can do this stuff simply because of who they are. The list is long and getting longer. To a person, it’s tripe like this who, along with their supporters, rattle on about the “occupy” protesters being godless hippies with no job and no values.

The occupy protesters are real-life Howard Beales. I’m beginning to believe they’re the only ones who will save us.