Please … more debates.

No, I don’t think he was drunk. I think he was simply in an environment where he felt relaxed and among friends. 

But I’ll give him this – he would’ve been great on the Dean Martin Roasts.


Let’s go to a movie.

PPenn said, “Are you sure you don’t want to watch the Badger game?”  

It was an epic week in sports starting with that nightmare in East Lansing.  And I just had that nagging feeling that these things come in “threes” and somehow Bucky was going to be involved in finishing off the trifecta. C’mon – you had too – admit it. You don’t prepare teams for big games by playing The Citidal and South Dakota.

So, I relive the game this morning via the posts of others on Facebook and Twitter. Damn glad I went to the movie with PPenn and Q. The ending was better.

I don’t believe what I just saw.

Joe Buck, who along with Tim McCarver, is calling the World Series for Fox. For my money, there’s no better broadcaster for the big games than Joe Buck.  He gets a lot of criticism from a lot of people. And, he’s getting it again for “stealing” his Dad’s famous line. I was lying in bed bawling my eyes out. I’d just seen the best baseball game of my life and Joe Buck seals the deal with one simple sentence.

All you who didn’t like Joe Buck’s call last night know this:  you’re baseball dumb. You’re petty and you’re jealous.  Go bowling tonight.

Jack and Joe Buck call their respective Game 6’s from Kidd Video on Vimeo.

Why I Love Baseball.

Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. It had everything. It was ugly in the early innings (4 errors) but the legend-makers showed up in the end. Twice – twice, Texas was one strike away from their first world championship and twice the Cards came back to tie the game, capping it with a walk-off homer in the 11th forcing one more game to decide the champion.

Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. Why I love baseball. 

Dear Sir or Madam:

With everything going on in the world today, thank God for FOD.