The path to Hell will be paved with these bastards …

The Occupy Wall Street demonstations continue. They don’t look to be going away anytime soon. If anything, the numbers continue to grow, protesting corporate greed and its effect on the social and economic fabric of the country. Hell, even 700 or so Continental and United pilots joined in earlier in the week.  

And then you have this – Wall Street bon vivant a-holes mock-toasting the demonstators with their glasses of champagne.  It’s enough to make you sick.  


Pay to Play?

Could this John Doe investigation involving Scooter cronies and campaign contributors be heading in the direction of “pay to play?”  When a campaign donor or organization contributes to a campaign or candidate in return for favorable legislation or legislative action, that’s called “pay to play.”  It’s illegal.  Just ask Chuck Chvala.  But offenders often get off Scott Jensen – free.

We all remember Scooter supporter Bill Gardner, owner of Wisconsin Southern Railroad, getting caught for numerous campaign contribution violations earlier in the year.  Many thought that was that and Gardner would go back to his trains and eHarmony. But yesterday, One was Walker spoke person Cullen Werwie.  That is a big deal. But more intriguing are the other two:  Milwaukee County Republican Party wag Roseann Dieck and – wait for it – Wisconsin and Southern Railroad lobbyist Ken Lucht.  Was Lucht funneling Wisconsin and Southern money to the Republican Party of Milwaukee County who then made contributions to Scooter’s campaign?  In return for favorable legislation?  Or, to help someone get elected Governor?

Harken back to April and a month BEFORE Bill Gardner was sentenced for making improper campaign contributions to Scooter’s campaign when Scooter announced  “… $25.5 million to improve freight rail in Wisconsin, of which Wisconsin and Southern received $14 million in grants, $1.6 million in loans and $2.2 million for the state’s purchase of 3.6 miles of railroad track and corridor in Milwaukee County owned by Wisconsin and Southern.

My advice – follow Dee Hall and Dan Bice ‘cause this is getting good. 

Deer Czar

It was a stupid, incredible example of pandering back then.  It’s even more so now.  Walker’s edict to the employees of the Department of Natural Resources to “comply” is a flagrant slap in the face to everyone who works there.


Walker now wants compromise and everyone from both sides of the aisle to come together for the good of the state. Tell you what, Scooter – the best thing for this state would be a recall of its Governor. Seriously.  Before he ruins this great state.


Zweifel: Return to a part-time legislature

It’s time.  It was time to return to a part-time state legislature years ago but now – now … is … the … time.  Will it be a battle?  Sure – you’ll hear a plethora of excuses from current legislators as to why this would be a bad thing.  But after all the excuses, all the literate that will be marched out against the idea, one fact will remain:  state government is broken. It’s polarizing and dysfunctional.  Will returning to a part-time legislature fix everything that’s wrong? Of course not. But what it will do is focus our representatives on those things that we feel are important and get it done.

Let’s get behind Mr. Dave Zweifel on this one. He’s been advocating for a return to a part-legislature for years. He’s seen it all. Listen to him.

I’m busy.

Mr. Shurts, always one to “poke the bear,” forwarded an email from the City of Madison reminding supporters of this Sunday’s Ride the DriveAnd, he pointed out that they’re still looking for volunteers.

Unfortunately, I’ll be busy.  While one of the main arteries to Madison’s downtown is blocked off to automobiles, I’ll be enjoying some of Madison’s many well groomed, well-cared for, some even complete with black top and striping, bike paths. In my vintage Ford Explorer.  With the FWD engaged.

It’s Packer/Bears week …

Do yourself a favor – pick up a copy of Gary D’Amato and Cliff Christl’s “Mudbaths & Bloodbaths – the Inside Story of the Bears/Packers Rivalry.”  You don’t have to read the whole book by Sunday. Just read a couple chapters and save the rest for future Packer/Bear Sundays. 

Oh, by the way, Bear Fan – how many rings you got?

This is the way it’s supposed to work.

PPenn, Q and I headed over to Quivey’s Grove tonight for Tammy Baldwin’s 5th Annual BBQ fundraiser.  This one was special as it was Tammy’s first fundraiser since announcing her candidacy for the U.S. Senate. The event was well attended but different – it was the first time I’d seen Walker supporters and Tea baggers demonstrating at a Democratic candidate’s fundraising event.  Now before everyone gets all lathered up do, please, take note:  These demonstrators, significant in numbers, were well-behaved and respectful. At least they were when I drove in and when I drove out.  Hell – a gentleman with a Walker t-shirt even noticed his group was blocking my view of traffic and let me know when it was safe for me to pull out onto Nesbitt Road. I yelled “thank you,” he smiled and said, “you’re welcome.”  The gesture was lost on the 12 year old.  But Mom was quick to seize the teaching moment. This is the way a democracy is supposed to work. People of opposing viewpoints respecting each other but steadfast in their political beliefs. 

Unfortunately, this has become as rare an event as a Cubs World Series title. But there’s hope. There is always hope.