Senator Johnson, The IRS is on Line 1 and the Federal Election Commission is on line 2 … who should take it?


The Honest Man

For Lowell George

What fills the heart is felt to make amends,

Until the flooded heart can no more choose

Release than never sing its staggered blues.

I wish you had not found such special friends.

At thirty-four, at three a.m., in bed,

Of overweight, helped on by dope and booze,

Before your talent bored you you were dead.

Sean O’Brien

No Veto for credit unions

I just heard that Governor Walker will not be vetoing the anti-credit union policy language in the budget.  The language, written and submitted by the Wisconsin Bankers Association without ANY input from credit unions, makes it easier for a credit union to convert to a bank without the involvement of its member-owners.  As of Sunday, if your credit union is run by a greedy I-want-mine manager and board of directors, all they have to do is call a meeting, cram the room full of people who support them and vote.

I gave this Governor the benefit of the doubt. I stupidly and naively thought he’d put Wisconsin’s 2.2 million credit union member-owners ahead of the deep-pocketed campaign contributing bankers in Wisconsin.  But if he can’t support Wisconsin’s 2.2 million credit union member-owners on this, is there any way he and other politicians – Republican OR Democrat – will he be there when we need them next?  I doubt it. Because when it comes right down to it, when it’s time to lay your vote on the line, it’s clear these clowns are going to vote not for what’s right but for who gave them the most money.

This Governor ran on creating 250,000 jobs and opening Wisconsin for business.  How does allowing a credit union to become a bank without the involvement of its member-owners do that?

How does screwing Wisconsin’s microbrewers over MillerCoors do that?

How does more guns but less education do that?

How does making someone from Superior drive to Madison in order to check out an elected official’s or candidate’s money interests rather than getting them by email do that?

How does rolling back laws on payday lenders do that?

Nearly 1000 credit union people took the time to send emails, make phone calls and write letters to the Governor’s office over the last few days pleading with him to veto the anti-credit union policy provision in the budget.  I doubt Walker even knows that.  This deal was done months ago. In fact, this deal was done last legislative session when the Democrats were in control. So when the Wisconsin Bankers Association and Republicans found their shill to propose the anti-credit union legislation again this session, the handwriting was on the wall.

Except for a precious few honestly good people over there under the dome, we’re dealing with a bunch of whores and charlatans who care only for how much money they can raise to get and stay in office.  Or, how good a gig they can get themselves after they’re done fleecing the people of Wisconsin.