The Bucks are the champions … the champions of the world!

In 1968, the NBA awarded an NBA franchise to Milwaukeans Wes Pavalon and Marv Fishman. In 1969, Milwaukee won a coin flip and drafted a guy by the name of Lew Alcindor and went from dormat to playoffs, Alcindor won Rookie of the Year but they were missing something and the New York Knicks beat them in the playoffs. In the offseason GM Wayne Embry pulled the trigger on a trade with Cincinnati and brought the legendary “Big O,” Oscar Robertson to Milwaukee. Alcindor and The Big O, surrounded by Greg Smith, Jon McGlocklin and Bobby Dandridge, went 66-16 and won their only World Championship in just their third year in the league.  It was a magical time. Not only on the court but behind the broadcast microphone with the unmistakable Eddie Doucette.

My Big Sis used to take me to games at the the Milwaukee Arena. Still have my pictures of Lew and The Big O. When the Bucks won their championship, she picked up a record album chronicaling the championship run. That album showed up during my recent move – almost getting thrown out with a bunch of trash.  My buddy Ray has one of those machines that converts vinyl to audio files.

For the first time in 40 years, Eddie Doucette is back and “The Bucks are the champions … champions of the world!”

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