Got to hand it to Rockford.  They know how to seize an opportunity.  (iPad case sold separately.)




Obama’s secret plot.

If you’re a progressive like me you have conservative friends and family who clog your inbox daily because they are afraid for your soul and convinced we’re on the precipice of Armageddon because of only one man – Barack Hussein Obama. 

I’m sure this will come around soon and maybe even overtake “he wasn’t born in the United States” for the number one spot.  I can’t wait. (Be sure to watch the embedded video. It’s some of the best comedy around.)

Things don’t always go better with Koch.

NBC News does a nice job of tying up the relationship between Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers.  Note that the Koch Brothers deny that Scooter’s budget bill would make it easier for them to nab now public power plants in Wisconsin – that they would have no advantage over any other business.

Of course not.  It has nothing to do with why you opened an office for your seven lobbyists in Wisconsin just around the corner from the State Capitol.

Somebody connect the dots.

The Koch Brothers are finding it harder and harder to fly under the radar in the world of politics.  Well known as the birthers of the Tea Party and for their contempt for President Obama, they had been lesser known for their role in the ascension of Scott Walker and host of other Republican over-achievers across the country. But Walker’s all-out attack on collective bargaining has brought Madison and Wisconsin to stage center of politics in America. And the spotlight has caught some shadows in the back ground. With each passing day, we learn more and more about Charles and David Koch.

Welcome to the neighborhood, boys.