6 degrees of “snow”

Yea, we’re in for the Big Snow but the Packers are in the Super Bowl and this is what we do – we hunker down and deal with it.  Stock up on bread and milk and enjoy.



The epitome of arrogance, Part II

Most people who follow the goings on at the Capitol knew something was up when two Democrat state senators abandoned their caucus and voted with Republicans to shit-can the state employee contracts last December.  Again – Governor Doyle should have had the balls to bring those contracts to the legislature for a vote a couple of years prior rather than trying to cram them through in the final hours of his term.  That all aside the real story was why two Democrats were siding with a Republican-ELECT Governor if for no reason other than to buck for a job in his administration.  That would imply not only a severe conflict of interest but more importantly, a terrible lack of appreciation for the public trust. At least what’s left of it. 

We still don’t know if anything other than Jim Doyle being a boil on Russ Decker’s ass caused him to vote with the Republicans.  (Some thought it was his last chance to screw Doyle for not pardoning Chuck Chvala.)  But immediately wonks at the Capitol surmised Jeff Plale was job-hunting and not just any old job but one with the Walker Administration.

I never thought I’d find anyone as arrogant a public servant as Mike Sheridan. But Jeff Plale is right up there.  You just can’t make this stuff up.