Now THAT is music!
They sound as good today as they did back in the 70’s.


I wanted someone with a Chamber of Commerce mentality.

That was Gov-elect Walker commenting on his choice of Cathy Stepp for DNR Secretary.  Get ready for the whining from the Democrats.

Some can whine. They were’nt around for the great DNR Secretary flip flop. A few made if through the tsunami of November 2 and luckily most of those that did were on the side of hunters, fishers and outdoorspeople who wanted the decision of who would serve as DNR Secretary returned to those who know Wisconsin’s natural resources best – the Natural Resources Board. 

Unfortunately, our outgoing Governor, Russ Decker, Mike Sheridan and others took the money instead of listening to constituents.  Not only did it not help you in the election. It cemented your caucus as one of the most disfunctional in the history of the legislature.

Packer/Bear week.

A Packers/Bears game always means a little more than any other game since it’s the oldest rivalry in pro football.  These two teams have been “giving each other the business down there” since 1921. It’s nice that this week’s game means even more to the Packers.

It’s been years, too, since I worked with a Bears fan. This will be a fun week, indeed.

Top 20 in 2010

I decided to take a shot at my list of the best new music in 2010.  I got some help from Q who worked me over for not adding Eminem to the list. I’m not big on rap – the stuff I do listen to isn’t as edgy as Eminem’s. His latest is good, it just didn’t make my list.  Sorry, Q. 

Take a listen. There’s something for everyone. Tell me I’m full of shiza or agree with me but whatever you do, listen.  There’s some good stuff happening out there. 

By the way – this is for adults.  Even Q didn’t get to listen to Cee-Lo. Or, DBT. 


Another case of “Are they that bad or are we that good?”

That was a great Packer against the Giants – a “must win” to keep playoff hopes alive.  A great game for just about everyone including Coach.  But I respectfully remain suspect of the Pack’s ability to win a game in which the outcome hasn’t been decided by the middle of the 3rd quarter.

Rodgers can do it. Rodgers can carry the team on his back and do what needs to be done to put the team in position to win.  Can the Coach?  The on-side kick call against the Pats was brilliant. But once again clock management at the end of the game contributed to their undoing.  (Three dropped sure-fire INTs were probably bigger.)

I just hope that Coach can start improving on that 5-15 record in close games. Now’s a good time to start.