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Small ball …


Logged on to JSOnline.com to catch the Brewers score. I didn’t catch ANY of the Brewer/Astros game last night – was on my way back from the AirVenture. Thank you, God.

The ‘stros unload their stars and then proceeded to shut out the Brewers who, by the way, didn’t do a thing before the trading deadline. (More later…) 

I rarely read the comments after the stories because they’re usually full of verbose bull-shit from people who don’t have anything better to do. But the comment from “Go Brew Crew” caught my eye. Mainly ‘cause he made sense. A lot of sense.

We have lost 11 1 run games this year. Let’s say we win 5 of those by manufacturing 1 extra run through small ball. We would be 53-51 and 4.5 back of STL.” 

One can only hope that Mark A has figured it out, too. Melvin hasn’t. Macha certainly hasn’t.  Home runs are nice. But damn it … you need to be able to create runs once in a while. That starts with the GM. Who hires the manager.

Thankfully, it appears the Brewers aren’t going to do anything by the trading deadline. I say “thankfully” because I don’t want Melvin and Ash doing anything more to this team than turning off the lights to their offices.  It doesn’t make much sense to do it now, Mark A, but as soon as the season’s over, unload your GM, the manager and that horse-shit of a pitching coach, Rick Peterson. 

Honestly – I can take 48-56 if the team and manager are playing hard and playing smart. You’ll only go as far as your talent will take you and I don’t think this team is lacking talent. 

Some say they’re ready for some football. I am, too. But I’ll still watch and enjoy baseball as we head down the stretch, hit the post-season and the World Series. That’s when you see the smart baseball. Clutch hitting. Clutch pitching. Strategy.

It’ll be good to see that again.

Mr. President — it’s a little more than “a disservice.”

I’m not a big fan of Keith Obermann. He usually lays it on a little too thick for my tastes. Tonight, though, I became a fan. Yes – he had strong words for the whole Sherrod fiasco, spanking not only Fox and Breitbart but the mamby pamby left – even his own network.  

But the strongest of words he saved for our President.  Do yourself a favor and stick it out ‘till the end.  

Keith Obermann. He just moved into the rarified air of our most important journalists.