I’m listening.

It was many years ago when a State Senator from Middleton warned everyone about the dangers of interstate banking – the ability of banks to cross state lines and get bigger by eating up other banks.

Of course, we didn’t listen.

Monday’s stunningly good Cap Times editorial reminded us that ten years ago, now U.S. Senator Russ Feingold warned of the dangers of repealing Glass-Steagall, a law put in place when stock brokers started jumping out of windows in 1929. Glass-Steagall was designed to protect Main Street from Wall Street.

Of course, we didn’t listen.

Senator Feingold warned everyone of the folly in President Bush’s Iraq War resolution in ’02. The Senator could never get Congress or the President to answer critical questions on what an invasion would accomplish. The Senator warned us but, of course, no one listened.  

Also in 2002, Senator Feingold and Senator McCain tossed aside party affiliations for the good of the country and took on big money influence in elections. This time it was the U.S. Supreme Court that wasn’t listening.

Look at Senator Feingold’s potential opponents in the Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race – Ron Johnson and David Westlake. Nice guys, I’m sure.  I mean, Ron Johnson’s from my home town.

But please – don’t try and tell me either one is qualified to even dust Senator Russ Feingold’s seat in the U.S. Senate.  Prove it. 

I’m listening.


A time to mourn.

Everyone’s thoughts and prayers should be with the victims and families involved in yesterday’s tragedy on Milwaukee’s lakefront at the O’Donnell garage. But it’s hard not to think about why something like this could happen. Especially when there’s preliminary evidence it could have been avoided.

This doesn’t look good. For a number of people – this doesn’t look good. 

Let’s leave it at that for now.