The Ron White cameo validated that it’s OK for all straight guys to go see the movie.


The polls say what?


Be sure to catch the cover story in the CT – the Capital Times weekly – about Scot Ross from One Wisconsin Now.  It’s a good piece but it was a quote from a UW professor that, at least for me, stuck out like a tea-bagger.

Jessica VanEgeren writes about Ross’ targeting of various “right-leaning” individuals and organizations, one example being the conservative Wisconsin Policy Research Institute.  WPRI contracted with the UW’s Ken Goldstein to do a series of state-wide polls. After asking for copies of emails, Ross caught WPRI asking Goldstein to “bury” the numbers on how people state-wide tepidly supported school vouchers – something WPRI strongly supports.

Goldstein complied. And when asked about it by VanEgeren stated, “Numbers are just numbers … chosen to try and convince the public, the media and legislative leaders of whatever point a group is trying to get across.”  This is Ken Goldstein, one of the UW’s most highly regarded poly-sci professors. I thought polling was, according to my Encarta Dictionary, a “…questioning of the population or of a representative sample to tally opinions or gather other information.”

I’ll never look at another poll the same way again. Especially if Professor Goldstein is behind it.


Governor Doyle fixes stupid.


Governor Doyle did the right thing utilizing his considerable veto power to virtually eliminate auto title loans and place payday lending under the prevue of the Department of Financial Institutions. Doing so hopefully reminded the Senate Democrats:

  1. How to act when you’re in the majority
  2. What to do when faced with representing people rather than lobbyists
  3. How to grow a set of cajones.

True, it’s a lot easier to do all this when you’re not running for re-election. But listen:  this was a no – brainer.  The fact that it took the state legislature – with a democrat majority in the Gov’s office, the Assembly and the Senate – over a year to come up with that weak-kneed payday lending bill left a lot of people gob smacked.  This was more than bad legislation. This payday lending bill was the mother of all indicators as to how bad lobbyist influence has gotten at the Capitol.

We’re talking about payday lending and auto title loans – loan sharking in lipstick and a dress.  A Senate Democrat – a flippin’ DEMOCRAT – says we can’t legislate auto title loans because it’s an issue of “people’s property rights.”  The Speaker of the Assembly backs a rate cap on payday loans but then changes his mind saying it has nothing to do with his personal relationship with a payday lending lobbyist.

The fact that Wisconsin was one of only a few states in the country that allowed the payday loan industry to run roughshod paled only to the way the Democrat majority in the Assembly and Senate failed to lead this past session.  Thank you, Governor Doyle, for doing the right thing and cleaning up the mess.

Update:  The JSOnline editorial board comments on the Governor’s veto powers.  Governor Tommy Thompson nearly ran out of ink with over 1300 line item vetoes during his tenure. Where were you then?