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No particular reason for this post other than JS makes me laugh and it’s another dig at iPhone people. They can be an intolerable lot …


Summer Takes A Three Month Break

Love Gene Mueller’s blog.  He puts into words what a lot of Brewer fans are thinking.  Thanks, Geno.

      He’s there on your patio or deck, or at your bedside as you drift off to sleep.

      He’s riding shotgun during that vacation trip to the Dells, or busting up the monotony on the long ride home from your cabin up north.

      He’s your companion as you clean the garage, cut the grass, plant bushes, or shoot the breeze with a neighbor as you crush a couple of driveway beers after a warm day’s worth of chores.

       Bob Uecker is there at summer grad parties, backyard cookouts, or just a quiet night in a hammock–the invited guest who never pesters, annoys, or asks for another beer.   

      He’s the much-needed constant when life gets turned upside down.     A job is lost.    A relationship ends.    A loved one passes on.     No matter what’s missing in your life, Uecker is there for every first pitch, every final out.     You can’t rely on many things in life, but Uecker in the booth on game night is sure fire.


       It’s the sound of summer, but summer takes a three month break this season.

       Uecker goes under the knife Friday, a procedure he’s approaching with big-league resolve and ever-present wit.     Recovery could take 12 weeks, and fans will be hoping Uke is a quick healer.    It’s no slap at his partner, Corey Provus, or whoever is asked to his chair warm.      We crave the familiar.    We rely on the dependable.     We love Uecker, for his knowledge of the game and the way he entertains during even the most lop-sided loss or endless losing streak.


      Uecker is the sound of the season.    Has been since the early 70’s when he first pulled up a mike alongside the late Merle Harmon and the legendary Tom Collins.    They nurtured what was then a small, curious gaggle of fans that was hard-pressed to even half-way fill County Stadium, even on a bright Sunday afternoon in July.      Because of them, a lot of us learned the game and realized how important it was to laugh at a game that can otherwise be so very maddening.    It’s easy, I’m told, to call an exciting game or do play by play for a winner.     It takes real talent to keep a fan base entertained and interested when the club is lousy.    And, Lord knows, we’ve had some crummy teams.

      And so, when the pennant finally flew over Milwaukee in 1982, you as a fan were glad not just for your long-suffering companions in the stands but also for the folks like Uecker who’d been there, virtually from the start.     Then came 2008 and the glee in Uke’s voice as he called the final outs, the celebration on the Miller Park infield, and presided over the team’s return to baseball’s postseason.

      We love our summers in Wisconsin.     We don’t get much of it, and we cram every moment of the season with all that we can, because we know how soon the weather will change and how high the drifts we’ll get.

      The games go on and the mercury is sure to rise.    Brats will sizzle, and beers will be cracked.     The Brewers will hopefully win more than they lose, and still be in the thick of it when Uecker returns to his Miller Park perch three months from now.     

      That’s when summer resumes.   

Speaker Sheridan: “Be proud of the work you did here.”


Those were Speaker Mike Sheridan’s (D-Janesville) words to his caucus after the State Assembly adjourned Thursday.  “We’re going to be able to go home and talk about these things all through the fall.“

Really.  The stuff that came out of the Capitol this last legislative period looked to me like fluffy, feel-good legislation. Compromise is one thing. Compromise dictated by the lobbying industry is another. 

The payday loan bill that squeaked through and is on the way to the Governor’s desk is a classic. The Senate and Assembly wrung their hands over the pay day loan legislation for over a year after State Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) sponsored a bill that protected those who have no lobby – the poor, new Americans and others. The pay day loan industry does have a lobby and they funneled almost $700,000 into the campaign coffers of Wisconsin’s legislators. And, they date legislative leadership while the legislature is in session debating bills involving their industry. The Speaker flips and decides a 36% rate cap is too tough (after publicly supporting it earlier,) other legislators weaken the bill and we’re told it’s "compromise.” Somehow I can’t help but think the pay day loan industry is quietly returning home with a smile on their face.  They’ll  adjust. They’ll be back.

Some people – me included – pulled the lever for Jim Doyle in 2002 because he supported putting the job of naming the DNR Secretary back in the hands of the citizens via the Natural Resources Board. But over the next few years, $4.8 million in campaign donations from lobbyists representing those who prefer the Governor name the DNR Secretary and keep it political changed his mind.  Legislators who had either sponsored or supported legislation to return the DNR Secretary decision to the Natural Resources board changed their minds after another $700,000 in special interest money made it to their campaign coffers. So imagine everyone’s non-surprise when there weren’t enough votes to overturn the Governor’s veto of legislation putting the Natural Resources Board in charge of the DNR Secretary.

I won’t even get into that lame drunk driving bill the legislature passed late last year with the help of the Tavern League of Wisconsin.

Don’t get me wrong – some legislators did try. Reps. Gordon Hintz and Tom Nelson, Sen. Jim Sullivan and especially Rep. Spencer Black. But Democrats had a majority in the Assembly and in the Senate. Oh, and a Democrat (some wonder) in the Governor’s Office. That doesn’t happen all that often. We were ready for some fireworks. And all we got was a sparkler. So, pardon me if I don’t get all choked up and exhilarated over “the work you did here.”

This last legislative session was as exciting as kissing my sister.


The Right doesn’t have an exclusive on zealots. As demonstrated by “Hey You!”, The Left has its loons, too. Passion is one thing. But to get so lathered up that threats and epithets start getting lobbed back and forth does no one any good. In other words, settle down.


All you Arizona Birthers are just racists going by another name. You’re so desperate to call Obama a nigger that you can’t stand it. You hate the fact that a black was elected United States President and you’ll do anything you think you can to try and discredit him. Your arguments are nothing but a bag of lies and bullshit. Your phony patriotism is sickening. Why not cut the crap and just put the sheet on your head? Either that, or just shut up and get back in your trailer parks, losers!