Angus Young

It’s 1978 and Dan Davis calls me into his office. “Here. Listen to this. I know you’ll like it,” handing me AC/DC’s Powerage album.  Life changed that day. But that’s another story.

It’s The Little Devil’s birthday.  Got to meet him again quite a few years later in Milwaukee. One of the nicest guys around. Totally together. Totally … Rock n Roll.

Turn it up.


“Governor” Scott Walker. Get used to it.

Listened to Scott Walker on Sly in the Morning today.  (Find the podcast later today at Sly’s Office.”  While I don’t agree with much of Walker’s politics I have to admit he’s intelligent, consistent and is running a helluva campaign. (So far.)  Meanwhile, Tom Barrett just can’t seem to look like he really, really wants to be governor.  I’ve not seen a less inspiring campaign in a long time.

Our budget is a mess, it’s going to get worse and we get to choose between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett.  Oh…and Nuemann. 

Great, huh?

Teabagger’s 15 minutes of fame …

One of the most sickening sights in recent memory were the tea baggers throwing insults and dollar bills at the fellow with Parkinson’s Disease.  I realize emotions can get the best of you sometimes – especially at events like this.  But this has been happening too often. First it was side-arms. Then the Obama posters.  And now this.

Well, someone actually had the temerity to track down the people featured in the video that went viral faster than Lady Gaga. And one of them is scared. 

I don’t feel sorry for him.  I don’t condone the backlash causing him worry because it’s really no different than how he and his ilk act. 

But I don’t feel sorry for him.