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Quote of the day

Ryan Donovan, CUNA VP Legislative Affairs:
“At a time when Congress is proposing allowing community banks access to $30 billion in taxpayer TARP money for small biz lending, the least they can do is allow us (credit unions) to use our own money for small business lending."Robin Marohn
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Postcards from DC: Exorcism?

Last Thursday, We’re on our way to Mount Vernon, stop for a drink, PPenn opens the door to the 4Runner and some guy plows into it.

Sunday, my brother-in-law and Sis are taking us to DC, we stop for lunch and when backing out of the parking spot, someone plows into the back of the same 4Runner. Sis gets out to check the damage, catches her foot in the strap of her purse stored on the floor and hits the deck. I can’t get out to check on her ‘cause my door is jammed – nailed by the insurance shopper on Thursday.  She’s OK.

Last night, my co-worker dumps a Coke on me at McCormick & Schmicks.

Someone get me a young priest and an old priest …

Postcards from DC: The Speaker’s tryst is over

I tried to stay off the grid for as long as possible – 22 hours was the best I could do.  Sorry, Esquire.  I went for a ride around Alexandria, did some shopping in Occoquan. There’s more snow here than the 4 trucks with plows in Virginia can handle.

So, I bit the bullet and checked back in. Wow. The Assembly passed their feel-good payday lending bill.  According to Assistant Majority Leader Donna Seidel from Wausau, “We are telling the predatory lenders in this state their egregious policies will no longer be tolerated.”  Respectfully, Rep. Seidel, all you’ve told the predatory lenders is “you win.” They lost the things they could afford to lose. When the gut-check of rate caps and loan roll-overs arrived, you backed down. When Representatives who have a spine introduced an amendment capping rates you rolled over and tabled the amendment.  

I know it’s hard to say no to special interest groups (pay day lenders) who contribute heavily to your campaigns.  Hopefully, the State Senate won’t have as big a problem with that issue as you in the Assembly.

And imagine my surprise to learn that Speaker Sheridan says the relationship with the pay day lender lobbyist is over.Tells us this the day after the bill moves out of the assembly.