“Thanks for comin’ out … it’s so good to be home.”

Pamela and I have been waiting for weeks to see this – even more so with the awards piling up for Jeff Bridges, T-Bone and Scott Cooper.  We’ll be at opening night at one of the jewels of Madison – Sundance Theatre



J Stew, as is often the case, came up with the classic analogy. Republicans are like that kid in the station wagon back in high school who, just as you reached for the door handle, would pull the wagon forward. The rest of the car laughing as each time you reach for the door, the car lurches forward.

Hey Democrats – you own the car!

Quote of the Year.

So far….

From JSOnline’s Michael Hunt and his column on the dramody that is Brent Favre.  This excerpt refers to when Packer fans should allow Brent back into Lambeau so his number can be retired: 

“….So let’s make it one year for each game he beat the Packers this season, which would allow the Green Bay retirement ceremony to coincide with the expiration of the Mayan calendar. Sounds like good timing.”

(For you blind Favre apologists and Brandi Favre, many believe the Mayan calendar, which ends in 2012, predicts the end of the world as we know it.)