Magic Man?

No sooner had Jim Klauser dumped Mark Nuemann and his bid for Governor over the weekend and Terrance was announcing him as co-chair of his US Senate bid.  At least this time Der Klauser had the decency to end a relationship before beginning another. (Back in 1997, Klauser raised eyebrows for discussing a post with WE Energies while lobbying for competitor MG&E.)

Granted, Klauser’s the guy who took a buffoon named Tommy Thompson and turned him into one of the most popular and powerful Govs in the history of the state.  Still a buffoon in many respects but a talented and politically savvy buffoon who’s actually making some sense in the nation’s health care debate.

Can Klauser manage TWall’s ego and vapid public policy milieu or is this just asking too much? 


Separation of Church and State

If I had to label myself I guess you could call me a pro-life Democrat.  I don’t personally believe in abortion unless the life of the mother is in danger. However, I try not to impose my beliefs on others and believe it should be the decision or choice of the mother. Should a public health plan make sure abortions are avaiable? Yes. Should they be paid for with public dollars? No. I don’t like contributing tax dollars to that kind of thing. (Then again – I don’t like contributing tax dollars to wars that kill Americans but that’s another debate.) Every woman has the right to make that decision themselves.  And that’s the genesis of my difficulties with the Catholic Church.

I grew up Catholic and was a practicing Catholic – though barely at the end – right up until Bishop Morlino came to Madison and began blurring the line between church and state back in 2006.  I stood with my choir that Sunday, listened to as much as I could and then walked out of church. My faith as a Christian was intact but the Church was getting in the way. I always held out hope I could reconcile with the Church one day. There were a couple times when I was ready to come back. But every time I got close, the Bishop would intervene: A lawsuit.  Then Joe Biden.

The coup de gras for me can not be laid at his feet. Today the Catholic Church is getting involved in the health care debate, searching for sponsors of amendments and it’s dangerous territory. Very dangerous.

Last week, I had lunch with my former choir-mate Mary and my friend, Ken, who happens to also be the head of the Music Ministry. We had fun catching up and Ken even brought along my old choir folder. It felt good. And I thought how nice it would be to come back to choir in January and practice up for Lent and Easter. A week later – just like before – the Catholic Church sticks their holy foot in their mouth.

I’m beginning to wonder if God is trying to tell me something.

Don’t you have to write a book first?

Ex-CNN anchor Lou Dobbs is considering running for president in 2012

The day this doofus announced he was leaving CNN I tweeted I’d watch for him in Iowa. But I thought he’d wait at least until after he used his gift card from the going away party to crank up the PR. Maybe Sarah’s book tour is making him nervous?

Creepy Pt. 2: The latest from Terri McCormick

The Recess Supervisor has some more details on the oddness that is Terri McCormick’s entry into the 8th Congressional District race.  My post from November 13 included video that was strange, funny, hilarious and uncomfortable. You know – where something is so bad that you actually start to feel embarrassed.

Well, The Recess Supervisor got hold of a couple (1, 2) of book review interviews. You may remember Terri “wrote” a book called What Sex is a Republican. Check out the videos but be sure to read the rest of The Supervisor’s post. 

I haven’t seen anything like this in a long time. You can’t make this stuff up.

Stupid things smart (allegedly) people say …

Just got done listening to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on 620 WTMJ. He’s “puzzled the state … put in a steep ramp” on the Marquette interchange inferring that’s the reason for 68 accidents on or near the ramp since it opened last year.

I don’t know much about the Sheriff but it would seem to me putting a patrol or two before the ramp to do a little speed enforcement might be the ticket. I’ve been on the ramp numerous times and without fail I’m passed up like I’m Amish. 

There’s nothing wrong with the friggin’ ramp, Sheriff Clarke.  People are driving too fast. Unless, of course, you’re in your wheelchair.